I write to encourage, uplift, inspire and inform.  I write because I enjoy it. I write in obedience and gratitude. My life experiences,  along with a passion for reading, were preparing me to join the literary world as an author long before I realized it but it was God who determined the timing and provided the opportunity.

I have been writing a book “in my head” for many years. The title of my first book—And, Not Only That—was chosen years before I began putting words on paper.  I had even decided on several character names while the story bounced around in my head but often taking a back seat to the many other demands of my time and attention. Wonderful demands. Our children, careers, and service.

What was special about 2014? What was the impetus for me to finally begin fulfilling a dream—and purpose—years after the idea was born? I can only say that God’s plan for our lives and His timing are perfect. It’s as if He said to me, “Now is the time and I’ve put everything in place. You’re ready.”

My books tell fictional stories about life through realistic circumstances. The characters face challenging situations—in some cases, demons—and as they make choices, they make mistakes. Unexpectedly, life throws a curve ball or two. My books delve into relationships, human frailty, the challenge to forgive, and the ability to endure painful and difficult circumstances. Complex topics are introduced including emotional and physical abuse, death and loss, mental illness and broken trust.

What message or messages do I hope to convey? One message is about the essence of God and what that means for each of us as we experience and navigate life. Another message is about the unique relationship each of us can have with Him and with each other. None of us is exempt from sin, pain, and poor choices. We’re not exempt from being hurt by others–-or hurting others–-including those we love. Likewise, none of us is exempt from God’s love and compassion…mercy and grace…forgiveness and patience.

What have I learned through my writing journey? I have come to understand that God has blessed each of us with a gift and I am now able to embrace His gift to me. To be clear, I do not claim to be the best writer. Remember, I am an avid reader and have read books that left me in awe of the writer’s creativity and mastery of words. However, I do believe and humbly accept that God has given me a “measure” of a gift that I will use to serve Him and, hopefully, bless others.

I now know that one of God’s plans for me is to be a writer and He has been preparing me.  As I consider what He’s done for me, whether I look at one experience or life in totality, I marvel at how He has exceeded my needs, expectations, and desires.